While California typically is the kind of state that never gets really and truly cold, it does get really and truly hot in the summer months, so those that own a new or certified pre-owned BMW would do well to check off a few maintenance items before the worst of that summer heat sets in.

The following are a handful of service items you can have done at your BMW dealer in San Diego this summer so the heat doesn’t get the best of your automobile:

Air Conditioning – There is no worse time to have the A/C fail than during the sweltering summer months. At your next service appointment, have the service techs check your system to make sure a breakdown does not look imminent—especially if you have been having even minor issues with it lately.

Cooling System – Your engine needs a functioning cooling system to keep from overheating, and sometimes that means paying the money for the recommended coolant flush. If you are in between flushes, though, check your coolant levels to ensure they are where they should be. Top them off if need be.

Battery – While batteries can fail pretty much any time of year, extreme heat truly is their worst enemy (worse, even, than extreme cold). Heat can cause battery fluid to evaporate, causing corrosion and shortening the life of your battery.

If you are able to take care of this handful of service items before the worst summer heat sets in, your vehicle will be better equipped to take on that heat full-bore and eliminate the potential for you ending up stranded on the side of the road, sweating and waiting for the tow truck to arrive.