For people new to the BMW brand, it can be hard to decide which model to choose as an introduction to luxury cars, but no vehicle in the entire stable is more universally beloved than the BMW 3 Series. Coming off a major redesign just a year ago, it remains one of the most impressive luxury sedans in the industry thanks in large part to its excellent engines and upscale interior.

While there are few iterations of 2020 BMW 3 Series models currently available at your BMW dealership serving San Diego, CA, a new six-cylinder engine in the new M340i trim is especially impressive, as it produces upwards of 382 hp and 369 lb-ft of torque. The even more performance-based M3 has not yet been released, but it should heap on even more horsepower once everything is all said and done.

The lavishness of the interior is another major selling point for this luxury sedan. Soft simulated-leather seats and tri-zone automatic climate control make the cabin comfortable for the driver and all passengers. Adding a sunroof and a premium ten-speaker audio system only further boosts the ambiance of the car’s interior.

Furthermore, the infotainment display is a high-def, 10.25-inch touchscreen that connects with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, and voice commands, making living and working inside the car as easy and enjoyable as it ever has been.

Put as simply as possible, the 2020 BMW 3 Series is an excellent car, so if you are looking to try out your first luxury automobile, we strongly suggest giving this one a try, at least for a test drive. Come pay us a visit here at BMW of El Cajon any time, and we will be happy to get you all set up for one!